Cooking with Nestlé



We at Nestlé believe that cooking is fun, and that the right cooking skills can help you with preparing and enjoying your food. In order to provide your family with tasty and healthy meals we want to help you make the right choices in the kitchen and in the supermarket. Therefore, we made a selection of recipes for you to try. Easy, healthy and delicious.

You can find them at the links below.

Tasty meals


Maggi is providing tasty meals to families from all over the world for over 130 years now. The current range of products includes soups, sauces, stocks, seasonings and much more. Visit the Maggi website and read more about Maggi:

Maggi products 


Maggi helps you to transform fresh ingredients into delicious meals. The broad range of Maggi products include: 

- Maggi So Juicy

- Maggi So Crispy

- Maggi Aroma

- Maggi Stock Pots. 

These products enable you to make tasty and healthy food, easy to prepare. Take a look at the Maggi facebook page for delicious recipes:

Dolce Gusto


The innovative and easy-to-use capsule system is specially designed to ensure that every cup of coffee that you make is fresh and contains only the best coffee beans. Within one minute you have a delicious Espresso, Cappuccino or Lungo. For all the different flavours and much more visit the Nescafé Dolce Gusto facebook page: Dolce Gusto Malta