Chocolate with an Italian kiss: Nestlé to build Baci Perugina as a global brand

Mar 2, 2016


Nestlé has announced a significant investment in Baci Perugina to further strengthen this iconic Italian chocolate brand on the world stage.

Nestlé will extend and modernise its factory in San Sisto commune and establish a new business unit to drive global growth for our Italian chocolate business. This includes investing in marketing to grow Baci Perugina sales abroad.

The Perugina company was founded in Perugia in 1907, and Baci Perugina, a foil-wrapped bonbon that contains a whole hazelnut, dates back to 1922. ‘Baci’ means ‘kiss’ in Italian, and each sweet contains a love note: the Italian way to say “I love you”.

Read the full press release on the Nestlé Italy website