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The values, the know-how and the passion

It all started with a little dream in a small town. Almost 2 centuries after its birth, the Buitoni brand is present with a broad portfolio including delicious pizza and sauces.

The dream continues and with it our desire to create and reinvent ourselves to bring new types of products to the market to share with millions of consumers. With our recipes we try to satisfy every taste and well-being need: from gluten free to preparations with whole grains.


The story of Buitoni

weaver and barber

A dream come true

This is the story of a dream realized by two people, united by love and passion for Italian food. It all began in 1827, in a small town in Tuscany known as Sansepolcro, where lived a weaver called Giulia, more famous for her pasta than for her work, and her husband, a barber called Gianbattista Buitoni with the dream of starting a business where to produce pasta that could bring joy and union to the table of many people.

The desire to reinvent herself and the avant-garde spirit of Giulia and Gianbattista Buitoni was clear already in 1827, when Giulia committed her only heirloom, an orange coral necklace, so as to be able to buy some rudimentary machines and make the dream come true.

buitoni 1827

Their pasta soon became the most requested in the city thanks to Giulia's secret ingredient: high quality durum wheat from a town 600 km away from Sansepolcro.

From there Giulia began to reinvent her recipes with great skill, for example by introducing vegetables first into her dough, so as to help children eat more and also proposing sheets and pizzas. Thanks to his inventiveness he even managed to find ways to extract gluten-rich proteins from flour to enrich doughs at a time when protein foods were expensive and difficult to find.

So the couple reinvented the art of traditional Italian cuisine in terms of inclusivity and innovation. And it is thanks to this spirit that the company was born.

buitoni giulia

Career woman

After the death of her husband, Giulia ran the company for 37 years, taking on the role of leader (a revolution for those times) and instilling even more her love for tradition and her imagination at all levels. Giulia's work and passion continue to inspire us today and her approach has contributed to making Buitoni a market leader today.


From Italy to the whole world

We have crossed national borders thanks to an international production center that adopts the best available technologies. Thanks to our Campania factory, an excellence able to enhance the quality and authentically Italian know-how, we are present with our pizzas in many European countries and the expansion abroad continues year after year.

What Buitoni is today we owe to Giulia and Gianbattista, who were able to transmit to us the values, the know-how and the passion that every day pushes us to bring tradition and quality to the table of Italians and beyond.

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