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Fare Share

Nestlé continually seeks to improve its customer forecasting as the most important step in reducing food waste. For any surplus produced, Nestlé UK works with national charity FareShare (, to redistribute this quality food to disadvantaged people, or to dispose of non-edible food in an environmentally responsible manner. Nestlé Ireland works in a similar way with charity, Crosscare.

As well as providing quality edible surplus food to FareShare, Nestlé supports the charity by:

  • Providing food and logistics assistance including seconding a senior logistics expert, to ensure the charity can manage an increased flow of food through the business facing arm of FareShare, FareShare 1st.
  • Helping our food industry peers understand how they can benefit from working with FareShare.
  • Supporting FareShare’s Eat Well Live Well programme, to educate vulnerable people about nutrition.