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Palm Oil

Our actions

Nestlé has pledged to source only sustainable palm oil by 2015 and are making rapid progress towards this.

  • Palm oil is an essential ingredient in a number of our products. We are working in partnership with suppliers, NGOs and governments to address the environmental threat to rainforests and peat fields caused by palm oil plantations.
  • Although Nestlé worldwide only buys 0.7% of the world’s palm oil production, we are conscious of our responsibility in contributing to effective and sustainable solutions.
  • In May 2010 we announced a partnership with The Forest Trust (TFT). Together with TFT, we have defined Responsible Sourcing Guidelines,and committed to ensure that our products do not have a deforestation footprint – we were the first company to make such a commitment.
  • From January 2012, 70% of the palm oil used in manufacturing by Nestlé UK will come from certified sustainable sources. The remaining 30% of the palm oil used in Nestlé UK products will be covered by GreenPalm Certificates, which support the production of certified sustainable palm oil.