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Energy And Emissions

Nestlé is committed to being a leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from its own operations by improving energy efficiency, switching to cleaner fuels and investing in renewable sources.

Our ambition is to offer products with the lowest environmental impact compared to alternatives, including those prepared at home.

By 2015 we aim to have gone even further by reducing our absolute CO2 emission by 20%, increasing our usage of renewable energy by 10% and reducing and offsetting to zero all the carbon emissions at one of our factories. By 2020 our vision is to reduce the environmental impact of our energy use and achieve an absolute reduction of CO2 emissions of 30%.

Our Goals

Our actions

Across our sites in the UK and Ireland we are working to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions. We promote energy efficient practices and set annual targets for each of our sites which helps us to comply with the UK Climate Change Levy Agreements and the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

Our UK factories have achieved significant energy reductions through investment in new technologies and by implementing energy-saving measures. For example:

  • Our York factory reduced its energy consumption by 13% as a result of reducing and improving processes and commissioning a new refrigeration plant.
  • In Tutbury and Hayes spent coffee grounds are used as fuel and supply nearly 20% of the sites’ energy needs – reducing the need for fossil fuels.
  • In Halifax changes to how we use heating and cooling systems have led to a 52% reduction in energy consumption, 24% reduction in water used, 50% reduction in CO2, and 90% reduction in HCFCs. It also resulted in a saving of over £1.4 million for the site.
  • We have already phased out 95% of HCFC refrigerants in our factories across the UK.
  • Combined heat and power plants have been installed at our Cereal Partners UKfactories in Staverton and Bromborough to generate electricity from a natural-gas-powered turbine and use the waste heat to generate steam for factory use.

Fawdon lighthouse Project

In Fawdon we have embarked on an ambitious project to use the Newcastle based factory as a test bed for new sustainable techniques to scale up and use in other factories and across the business. At this ‘Lighthouse’ in addition to achieving zero waste to landfill we aim in the next two years to reduce both water consumption and CO2 by 50%.

We have also already successfully piloted on-site anaerobic digestion and are now finalising plans for the full size digester. Part of the project also involves establishing a “natural capital site” in the grounds including a butterfly meadow planted by employees. More...