KitKat finds a creative way to help people relieve stress

To Press Releases listLija, Malta,Apr 2, 2014


Kit Kat thinks it’s time you Take a Break! In our busy lifestyle taking five minute breaks along the day is not only needed, it’s recommended.  Nestlé Malta Limited has found a creative way to help consumers relieve some of their daily stress through a multi-faceted campaign, encompassing various interactive marketing initiatives.

In a bus-shelter campaign, Kit Kat ran a series of posters helping commuters to relieve stress whilst waiting for the bus to arrive. Kit Kat has not only recommended commuters to Laugh Out Loud or count backwards to calm those waiting-for-the-bus nerves, but also equipped a number of bus shelters with pillows to rest against and bubble wrap to pop! Now  that’s something to  kill time.

KitKat Stress Relief Kits

Kit Kat has also prepared 10,000 Stress Relief Kits which will be delivered to a number of companies around the island.  Packed with fun, the Stress Relief Pack contains some bubble-wrap for those really stressful moments, some confetti to make your break more colourful, a booklet with easy and relaxing break ideas, and of course, a Kit Kat Bar. 

Kit Kat has also launched a competition on their Kit Kat Malta Facebook page in an effort to encourage people at work, students and friends to photograph their 5 minute break for their chance to win a €1,000 travel voucher from ROCS Travel to a destination of their choice.  More information on the terms and conditions to participate can be found on the said facebook page.

As one may realize, the campaign encourages people to find simple, short, stress-relieving activities, which helps both the physical and mental well-being.   Having a break is something many of us need to do more often, as many a time we hardly consider taking a break from our daily routine. Taking a break does not necessarily have to mean a holiday in the Maldives.

A break involves anything away from the daily grind, a wellness moment. For many, it could be as simple as getting out of the office, going for a walk during the lunch break, conducting some form of exercise and so on. The marketing objective of this campaign is humorous but when you think about it, laughter is a powerful stress-relief medicine in itself. So go on, take a 5-minute break to breath, laugh, sing, anything that unties those knots in your neck.  And remember, have a break, have a Kit Kat!