MAGGI SO JUICY makes cooking juicy and without a mess

To Press Releases listLuqa, Malta,Oct 9, 2013

As the MAGGI brand continues to become synonymous with great-tasting food across the Maltese Islands, Nestlè Malta has introduced the MAGGI SO JUICY products to its line-up of offering.  

MAGGI SO JUICY, is a brilliant idea that not only guarantees a deliciously succulent taste associated with chicken seasoning, but by using the special oven bag that comes with these products, allows one to avoid all the mess.


So when you’re in a hurry to feed your family, with MAGGI SO JUICY you can still create tasty chicken dishes without the need to marinate and waste precious time. All you have to do is, put the chicken in the ready-to-cook oven bag and sprinkle by tipping the seasoning from the lower part of the sachet into the bag, coat the chicken in seasoning by gently mixing and turning the bag and cook in the oven according to the given times and in no time you have a great juicy meal.  


MAGGI SO JUICY comes in four different varieties, paprika, garlic, mixed herbs and sweet and sour. So whether you’re cooking breast fillets, thighs or, drumsticks,with any of the four MAGGI SO JUICY varieties you can create a meal that’s fit for a king. 

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