Nestlé Nesquik Marine Festival attracts record participation

To Press Releases listLija, Malta,Jul 14, 2014


The second edition of the Nesquik Marine Festival attracted a record 350 children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old. Organised at the Malta National Aquarium, Nestlé Malta provided an opportunity for its Nesquik Club members to learn more about marine environment conservation and sea life.

The Nesquik Marine Festival took place in a purposely-built Nesquik village that was designed and set up for the event held on Saturday 5th July. The Nesquik village consisted of different areas housing several educational and creative workshops. As part of the event, all participating children were also given free, guided access to the Malta National Aquarium.

In addition, Nestlé Malta handed out an informative and educational booklet to each child. The 16-page booklet consists of information about sharks, sea turtles and other sea creatures complete with tips on how children can do their part in marine conservation and sea life preservation. The booklet also contains colouring sections, quizzes, puzzles related to marine life and other educational snippets that help children understand the importance of protecting the environment.

This booklet may be requested in PDF by sending an email to or by calling on 23389000.

The Nesquik annual educational events, now in their fourth year, form part of the Nestlé corporate ethos to provide children with healthy, safe and engaging opportunities to learn about their environment and healthy lifestyles.

Commenting about the fourth Nesquik annual event, Ms. Melania Pellicano, Nestlé Malta Group Product Manager said: “We are continuously looking for different ways how to contribute towards a more responsible generation. Education is key to prepare our children for the life ahead of them and also to instil a sense of responsibility towards our planet. Environmental conservation is an important value that we seek to impart to Nesquik Club members during the various events held throughout the year.

We are also very pleased to renew our support to the Malta National Aquarium, which in itself is a showcase of marine conservation and protection”.

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