Take a break from politics

To Press Releases listLija, Malta,Feb 27, 2013

At the moment there’s plenty of political stuff being discussed but sometimes people need a break from politics.

In a cheeky campaign, Kit Kat has set up a comfort zone in front of the LawCourts in Valletta where passers-by laden with shopping bags took a break from their errands with one golden rule prevailing - “no politics please!” . 

“Throughout this campaign we were expressing the people’s sentiment of needing a break from all electoral debates, arguments and discussions. We used TVpop-ups during the most heated debates to add a touch of humour and they convey the message that candidates should keep clam and have a break. Judging from the public response to the Kit Kat Election free zone, it proved to be a good move,” Alfred Borg, Nestlè Malta Corporate Communications manager said.