Nestlé Nutrition and Health

At Nestlé, we use four simple words to describe what we offer: ‘Good Food, Good Life’.

We believe that having a healthy, balanced approach to the things you eat and drink helps you to enjoy life. Nutrition is just one aspect of ‘Good Food, Good Life’.

Great taste, consistent levels of quality and safety, value for money and convenience also enhance our enjoyment of food and ultimately life.

Nestlé: a global leader in nutrition research

For over a century, Nestlé’s commitment to research into food and nutrition has benefited consumers by using science to develop safer, healthier and better-tasting products. We invest over £1.15 billion in Research and Development every year, more than any other food company.

Based on the principle that today’s knowledge provides the foundations for tomorrow’s innovations, we continue to invest in programmes that expand our understanding of the health benefits food and beverages can provide. Our global network of specialist Research and Development and Product Technology Centres – including our facility in York – translate this scientific knowledge into creating new and improved Nestlé products.

Tastier and healthier: improving our products

We understand that consumers are looking for healthier foods that do not compromise on taste. That’s why we constantly review our product range to improve taste while enhancing nutritional value using a test called 60:40+. This measures whether at least 60% of consumers prefer our products over the leading competitor based on taste.

We also identify the health benefits of a food or drink to measure how taste is combined with good nutrition in order to work towards the perfect balance.

In the UK and Ireland we offer a wide range of products which meet differing consumer taste preferences from Shredded Wheat which contains no added salt and only trace levels of sodium to great-tasting snacks like Kit Kat.