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Our Corporate Business Principles

The ten Nestlè Corporate Business Principles are at the heart of everything we do. They form 

the basis of Nestlè is culture, which has developed over more than 140 years. They uphold our enduring belief that to achieve long-term success for our shareholders we must comply with all applicable legal requirements and international norms, and ensure that our activities are environmentally sustainable and create significant value for society - or as we call it, Creating Shared Value. 

The ten principles are implemented through the relevant codes, policies, and other processes and tools we have developed to ensure that they are practiced across our company every single day. 

Compliance with our Corporate Business Principles is non-negotiable for all employees. We monitor their application, audit their effectiveness and act swiftly if they are contravened. We are also committed to continuous improvement and are open to external engagement regarding any area of our Principles. 

The ten principles of business operation provide the foundations for our Creating Shared Value strategy and are addressed throughout this report.