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The Nescafé Collect Gift Scheme

Collect your clean packaging, help the environment and get rewarded with the Nescafé Collect Loyalty Scheme 

The Nestlé Collect Scheme is the perfect way to reward all those consumers who love Nestlé products whilst also helping out the environment.

When joining the scheme, consumer sign up for fantastic rewards by exchanging their clean empty packaging for points which add up to brilliant gifts!

Each and every product is worth a number of points and we have range of over 250 products which can be collected. This vast range of products includes empty boxes of the tantalizing Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee pods, as well as the world famous Nescafé soluble coffee jars, mouth-watering chocolates and so much more! We even have pet food packages in the scheme as we know how much your furry babies mean to you! The more points collected by any consumer, the more rewards the consumer can have!

Extra points are also rewarded when registering online and when referring a friend to the scheme. Consumers can also access their point balance from the comfort of their own home at any time as well as check what collectibles they can put away and what gifts they can walk away with by visiting the website,

We also invite you to like and follow our Nestlé Collect Facebook page for all the latest news, articles, gifts and events!

Alternatively you may contact our Customer Care Desk and they will explain further:

Via telephone: Please find more information here.

Via email: You can send an email through our contact form, which will be forwarded to our consumer services team, by selecting Malta as your country of residence.