Cereals range

Cereali FitnessHave you ever thought that every morning you have a great opportunity to start the day in a great way? So start-off with a cup of delicious FITNESS cereals together a smile and make sure to always stay on-the-go with an active lifestyle.  Fitness cereals are made with 53.6% of whole grains, an important component in a balanced and varied diet. And you can recognise our petals quite easily: crispy, golden and full of flavour!

Cereali FitnessNESQUIK cereal makes breakfast irresistible for kids! The delicious NESQUIK balls stay chocolatey in milk so that the irresistible NESQUIK chocolate taste can be experienced from the first bite to the last milk drop! That's why it's a great, easy way to help kids to get the essential vitamins and minerals they need and, on top of that, it contains whole grain!

CheeriosBreakfast time can be chaotic with everyone reaching for a different box of cereal? So why not make things easier and tastier by introducing the whole family to the surprisingly delicious mix of wholesome corn, oats, rice and wheat that you find in a bowl of Cheerios? These irresistibly crunchy O's could finally be something everybody agrees on for breakfast. Cheerios, plenty of taste to go round. Say Yes to those delicious O's!

Nesquik CerealiEnjoy the delicious LION caramel & chocolate taste at breakfast! Irresistible chocolate and sumptuous caramel make Lion cereal the king of cereals. The irresistible flavour will shape your attitude as you feel the power to do what you feel like.