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We have the world's largest food and nutrition research organisation, with about 5000 people involved in Research & Development (R&D), as well as corporate venture funds and research partnerships with business partners and universities. The Company has a 150 year of experience in anticipating consumer trends thanks to this as well. 

Our in-house fundamental research takes place in four centres:

  • Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences provides and translate biomedical research into personalised science based nutrition. 
    • This runs at arm's length from Nestlé's main food, beverage and nutrition activities, incorporating the existinv global Nestlé HealthCare Nutrition business. This institute has access to external scientific and technological know-how through Nestlé’s innovation network. Conducting research in relevant areas of biomedical science to translate this knowledge into nutritional strategies to improve health and longevity. 
  • Nestlé Research Center provides the scientific knowledge and research base for product renovation and innovation.
    • Here research is conducted by Nestlé and world renowned experts, supporting the global scientific community and empowering healthcare professionals in their clinical practice. 
  • Clinical Development Unit provides medical expertise and manages clinical trials for the company, worldwide.
    • The Company's CDU allows it to more effectively and efficiently evaluate the impact of its foods and ingredients on human biology and health, as well as on taste and pleasure. Clinical trials are recognised by food authorities around the world as a robust way of evaluating the effect of nutrients or foods on consumers. 
  • R&D Tours provides scientific expertise in plant science.
    • A cooperation which started in 1994 to further create shared value for all shareholders.

Proprietary high-tech product development takes place in our 39 Product Technology centres and R&D centres worldwide. Thanks to this, the latest technologies are used in all value chain activities. Importantly, the Company is using the latest technology in order to also study and adapt to the fast changing business environment.