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NAN 2 is a continuation milk for babies from 6 months that, along with other foods, is part of a diversified diet for the baby.


NAN 3 is a growth formula designed for children from 12 months and that gives your little one the solid foundations for their development. 


NAN 4 is a growth formula for children from 24 months and that provides a solid foundation for their development. 



NAN HA: is our infant formula for healthy children when breastfeeding is not possible, which provides all the nutrients necessary for development.


NAN HA 1: from 0 to 6 months

NAN HA 2: from 6 to 12 months   


Thickened with starch, NAN A.R. has been specifically designed for formula fed babies 0-12 months of age with regurgitation.The balance between the macronutrients of NAN A.R. contributes to the prevention of obesity when compared to the home-thickened formula. Reduces esophageal exposure to acidic contents.






NAN Lactose-Free Infant Formula is specially formulated to help with the nutritional needs of infants suffering from lactose intolerance and diarrhoea. It can be used from birth to 36 months. Remember, breast milk provides the best food for your baby and reduces the risk of diarrhea and illnesses.


NAN CR Constipation Relief for dietary management of constipation in infants. It has a unique blend of 4 active ingredients that helps significantly relieve the symptoms of mild constipation, such as slow passage of the stools, acting along the baby's digestive system. Suitable for an exclusive diet until the 6th month. Provides your baby with all the necessary nutrients for proper physical and mental development.