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Our vision is to move from just milk to dairy based nutrition, and our portfolio today is already at the forefront of the Nutrition, Health and Wellness strategy of the Group. Our dairy and cocoa brands are consumed every day by millions of children and adults offering many sources of nourishment and refreshment. Whether it's for the healthy development of children, a special treat or everyday refreshment – Nestlé products deliver taste and health.

Our Dairy and Cocoa Beverages brands

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Offering options for everyone

Around the world, we're known for providing nutritious dairy products for everyday life. Our dairy brands are household favorites enjoyed by millions of children and adults every day. That's a responsibility we take seriously.

We have an offer for every stage of life, from childhood to adults to seniors. That includes milk products such as Nido and Bear Brand, cocoa and malt beverages such as MiloNesquik and Nescau, and dairy culinary solutions like Carnation. To support evolving diet and lifestyle choices, we also have plant-based beverages, including Milo dairy free and Wunda.

Across our range, we deliver 42-billion fortified servings of nutritious and delicious products every year.


What we're doing in dairy & cocoa beverages

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We're collaborating with farmers around the world to see how small changes to used methods could bring about big changes for sustainable farming.

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Working with small hold dairy farmers across Indonesia, we're turning cow manure into biogas - a waste product repurposed into fuel for cooking and lighting.