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The Levissima springs

Levissima mineral water is born in the heart of the Central Alps, in a protected and uncontaminated area on the western edge of the Stelvio Natural Park, in the Valtellina territory of the ancient county of Bormio. The main feeding of the hydrogeological basin takes place from the eastern edge of the Mountain Group of Cima Piazzi, one of the last surviving glaciers in the Italian Alps, to then spring from high-altitude springs, in a recognized and renowned area.

It is this uncontaminated environment that gives Levissima an unmistakable purity and lightness. In the fascinating scenery of Valtellina, water is a precious element. Here you will find glaciers, alpine lakes, rivers and, of course, the springs of Levissima.

Levissima is an expression of the miracle of nature that is renewed through the natural water cycle. The characteristics of the places where it is born make it unique and Levissima bears witness to it in over 10 million Italian families.*

(*source GFK eurisko consumer panel)

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Levissima range

Very high, very pure

  • Levissima Still
    The freshness and lightness of this mineral water from high-altitude springs, available in 50cl, 1Ltr and 1.5Ltr formats.
    Levissima still
  • Levissima Sparkling
    Levissima sparkling is the ideal water for those who ask for a revitalizing experience from bubbles. With a pure and refreshing taste, it leaves the palate with pleasant and rich notes of freshness.
    Levissima sparkling


levissima history

The history of Valtellina water

It is handed down that the inhabitants of Cepina, in the Alta Valtellina, have always enjoyed the pure water that abounded in those places and that, in the early '900, an aqueduct was built to bring this water to the center of the country. It is said that this is how at the Hotel Cepina doctors, surgeons and distinguished professors, were able to appreciate the therapeutic properties of this water. Given the enthusiasm of its guests, the owner of the hotel, Professor Gasparre Piccagnoni, decided to have it analyzed: the results turned out to be surprising.

levissima history

Tradition has it that in October 1929, the director of the Obstetric gynecological clinic of the Royal University of Turin, described it as "very pleasant to drink, very easy to digest, remarkably diuretic and advantageous in uricemic disordersi".

It is also said that, in 1931, Dr. Boni wrote: "It is absolutely one of the best in Italy and abroad."

And Dr. Mantovani, in 1932: "His water is not simply drinkable, but has revealed therapeutic virtues."

levissima history

How the name Levissima was born

Others say that it was the bishop of Como, Monsignor Alessandro Macchi, who coined the name Levissima. It is said that during a stop in the parish of Cepina, in the thirties, the prelate felt the merits of that water decanted and wanted to taste it.

After the first sip she exclaimed: "It's great, light, Levissima."

In 1936, Professor Piccagnoni obtained the concession of the spring, as natural mineral water. Since then, the uniqueness of Levissima mineral water has been everyone's heritage.

The water of Cepina thus rightly enters among the Mineral Waters and takes the name of Levissima, from the Latin adjective levis, which means "light".

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