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What is the Nestlé's response to scam emails?

What is the Nestlé's response to scam emails

There have been cases of emails sent to individuals or organisations falsely purporting to be from Nestlé or a partner organisation of Nestlé. These are scam emails, and will sometimes ask you for personal information such as a password, user ID or even sums of money in return for more money or other benefits, such as winning a Nestlé competition or promotion.

These emails can look quite convincing, and may contain a Nestlé or Nestlé brand logo, or can come from an email address that looks as if it could be from Nestlé. In any case, these emails are false and are not at all associated with Nestlé itself or any partner organisations.

Nestlé does not ask for money or other information in return for winnings, prizes, job interviews, modelling assignments or any sort of registration. If you receive an email (or any other communication) which you are unsure about, we strongly suggest that you consider the authenticity before sending any reply. Nestlé further strongly suggests that you do not send money or any other information.

We would ask that you forward your email to [email protected] so that we are aware of these incidents and can take action where necessary. You may also inform or ask your internet service provider for advice.