Say YES! to an exciting new snacks brand



A new and distinctive snacks brand has been launched in Malta this month with a range of three nut bars specially crafted to be both delicious and wholesome!

The new YES! bars remove the compromise and deliver a tasty snack by focusing on diverse ingredients that you might not expect to find in any ordinary nut bar.

YES! brings together creative combinations of ingredients in a range of bars with tastes as diverse as dark chocolate & sea salt, coffee & cherry and Cranberry & dark chocolate.
While looking and tasting amazing, each YES! nut bar is a source of protein and contains 5g of sugar.

All three bars are a source of protein, gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. The coffee, cherry & dark chocolate and sea salt, dark choc & almond bars contain 189 calories per bar, whilst the cranberry and dark choc bar contains 183 calories. The range contains no artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours or preservatives.

The YES! bar range boasts three intriguing and tempting ingredient combos:

Tempting Sea Salt, Dark Choc & Almond
Sumptuous Cranberry & Dark Choc
Delightful Coffee, Dark Choc & Cherry

The bars have been lovingly invented by a dedicated in-house team of experts who have perfectly balanced taste and nutrition to make compromise a thing of the past and adventurous snacking a part of the future.