POLO, most popularly known as ‘THE MINT WITH THE HOLE’ has the perfect balance of sweet and mint. Their distinct flavour comes from the high quality mint oil that is specially selected to give a smooth, clean and fresh flavour. Did you know? POLO mints are shaped under immense pressure – one that is roughly equivalent to two elephants jumping on it! Our POLO mints are available in three flavours: Original, Sugar Free and Sugar Free Extra Strong.


Also still part of our range, our well-loved POLO tubes available in five flavours: Original, Sugar Free, Sugar Free Extra Strong, Spearmint and Fruits.



Did you know that sugar free POLO is approved by the Oral Health Foundation?

POLO Sugar Free and POLO Sugar Free Extra Strong do not contain any sugar, but instead have the sugar substitute, sorbitol. This make POLO Sugar Free ‘tooth-friendly’ and is possible to be consumed immediately after consuming acidic food and drinks when it is not possible to brush your teeth with toothpaste containing fluoride.



POLO Sugar Free mints help to protect the mouth against dental erosion. The sorbitol in POLO sugar free mints stimulates the production of saliva, which is the mouths natural defence against acid. This helps to protect your teeth against dental erosion caused by acidic foods and drinks.


POLO Sugar Freemaintains mouth pH which prevents tooth demineralization and supports tooth mineralisation.

POLO Sugar Free Extra Strong allows for stronger and more refreshing mint flavour.

POLO Sugar Free mints can also help with dry mouth and bad breath which are often caused by a reduced saliva flow. The sorbitol of POLO Sugar Free stimulates the production of saliva.