CSV at Nestlé

As the world’s leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company we employ around 280,000 people and have 449 factories, almost half of them in developing countries. We believe that sustainable development is fundamental to our long-term success and that our actions be environmentally sound. Guided by our Corporate Business Principles we are committed to acting responsibly, complying with national regulations and international conventions relevant to our business.

To enhance and protect our business we believe we must go beyond compliance and sustainability and create new and greater value for our people, or shareholders and society as a whole. We call this Creating Shared Value and place particular focus on three key areas that are core to our business and operations:

  • Water: because the ongoing quality and availability of it is critical to life, to the production of food and to our operations
  • Rural development: because the overall wellbeing of farmers, rural communities, workers and small businesses and suppliers is intrinisic to our ability to continue to do business in the future
  • Nutrition: because food and nutrition are the basis of health and of our business.

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Nestlé Creating Shared Value Prize

The Nestlé Prize in Creating Shared Value was created in 2010 and is awarded in alternate years to an individual, a non-government organisation (NGO) or a small business to reward an outstanding innovation or project in the area of water, nutrition or rural development. More information on the CSV prize.

CSV Advisory Board

Nestlé’s CSV activity is guided by the Nestlé Creating Shared Value Advisory Board, a panel of internationally recognised experts in corporate strategy, nutrition, water and rural development.

The board meets twice a year and helps lead our annual CSV Forum. Visit the Nestlé.com CSV pages for more information.

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