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Transport And Distribution

“Using transport intelligently makes sense and is something that every one of us can do something about. I have been inspired by the partnerships we’ve established with other food manufacturers and retailers to help reduce the environmental footprint of our transportation.”

Richard Hastings,
Head of Planning and Delivery, Nestlé Logistics

Globally, transport is responsible for approximately 20% of all CO2 missions. Nestlé is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its transport and distribution activities wherever possible, seeking to cut our own CO2 emissions and promote sustainable manufacturing.

Our Goals

Our actions

  • Getting raw materials to our factories and transporting finished products to distribution centres and customers across the UK and Ireland in the most efficient way are essential parts of our business.
  • We have removed 415,000 kms a year of truck traffic from roads through improved vehicle utilisation and increased collaboration with customers, suppliers and competitors.
  • By maximising the number of pallets per load and the number of products per pallet - we have increased lorry loads to an average total of 23 tonnes, helping to reduce the number of vehicles on the road.
  • Careful revision of our distribution centre network has reduced the distance travelled to deliver our products by 6%.
  • Fuel consumption of individual vehicles is constantly monitored to ensure optimum performance.
  • Devices installed on all of our lorries help to to promote the complete burning of fuel, delivering efficiency improvements of between 3% and 5%.
  • By increasing deliveries of Buxton mineral water direct from the Buxton area (rather than via distribution centres) we have reduced food miles by 18%. A typical bottle of Buxton mineral water now travels only 125 miles to reach our customer.

Working with industry partners

As part of a distribution initiative led by the Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD), we are working with customers, suppliers and competitors to use vehicle fleets in the most efficient way.

  • By working with United Biscuits, we have reduced the running of empty vehicles by 270,000 kilometres per year since 2007.
  • Sharing trucks with Mars helped to eliminate 12,000 kilometres of duplicate journeys in the run-up to Christmas 2009.
  • By joining forces with the Brakes Group Nestlé Professional plan to save 82,000 road miles over the next year by cutting our unnecessary and ‘empty’ journeys.