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Nestlé Fitness unites 100 people in the fight against breast cancer


Nestlé Malta Limited is partnering with the local NGO Europa Donna Malta to unite people in the fight against breast cancer. As part of a month-long activity plan aimed at raising awareness on prevention and early detection of breast cancer, Nestlé Malta Limited is launching a nationwide bus shelter advertising campaign bringing together 100 different people symbolizing the need to fight breast cancer as a united front.

Supported by Nestlé Fitness, the campaign concept revolves around head and shoulder images of 100 men and women who volunteered to be photographed in black and white wearing white t-shirts with a superimposed pink bra - emphasizing the pink colour associated with breast cancer awareness and the bra clearly drawing the viewers attention and conveying the message to regularly check oneself.

The campaign concept, campaign management and art direction were entrusted to VisualTrends – the communications agency responsible for communicating the Nestlé cereal product line amongst other Nestlé products in Malta.

Shot entirely on 35mm photographic film, and printed individually as silver gelatine prints, the photography was entrusted to renowned photographer Zvezdan Reljic, who has recently completed the ‘Beltin’ exhibition supported by Heritage Malta. Zvezdan is a photography and publishing industry specialist with 30 years of hands-on experience in photography, pre-press, printing and graphic design. 

Nestlé Fitness is also running a parallel social media campaign on Facebook designed exclusively to provide educational information on the prevention and early detection of breast cancer awareness.
“A healthy lifestyle is important to reduce the risks of encountering breast cancer. Promoting a healthy lifestyle is in line with the Nestlé Fitness brand objectives and over the years, we have supported the collective efforts of NGOs and individuals who come together as a united front to raise awareness about breast cancer prevention and early detection. We will continue supporting this cause because we believe there is a lot more work yet to be done and we will not rest before prevention and early detection reach higher success rates. Our Nestlé Fitness advertising campaign is directed towards a greater awareness about the subject while educational and informative health tips are provided on a daily basis to our followers on social media throughout the month of October” commented Melania Calleja Pellicano, Group Product Manager at Nestlé Malta Limited.

The 100 images will be displayed on rotation on all bus shelters in Malta and Gozo throughout October and the first half of November