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Nestlé Malta launches unique Purina Reunited Pet Cabin at Mater Dei Hospital

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Nestlé Malta, through their well-loved Pet Care brand Purina, are committed to doing more of what matters for pets and for the people who love them. When people and pets bond, life becomes richer and it's a sentiment that is truly at the heart of its latest CSR initiative.

On Monday 19th December 2022, the Purina Reunited Pet Cabin was officially inaugurated by the Deputy Prime Minister & Health Minister Chris Fearne at Mater Dei hospital. The idea came from a story of resilience, about a young brave man named Jacob Cachia, who upon waking up from a coma had just one desire… to see his pet dog, 'Peanut'. Pets and animals are banned from hospitals so through sheer determination of his mother Sarah, Jacob met his pet 'Peanut' outside the entrance of the hospital and from this heart-warming story, the Purina Reunited Pet Cabin was born.


Thanks to the help of support group Survivors Malta together with NGO JCI Malta, and the generous funding from Nestlé Malta and other sponsors, seeing your pet whilst in hospital is now possible! The Purina Reunited Pet Cabin gives patients the unique opportunity on the actual grounds of the hospital, to reunite with their beloved pets in a safe, comfortable, appropriate environment, bringing much needed joy to both the pet and its owner.

"At Purina, pets are our passion, and we believe that we are better with pets. When approached with the idea of having such a space on hospital grounds, and knowing Jacob's heart-warming story, without hesitation we committed to the project, to make this dream a reality" said Katriel Coppola, Purina Product Manager.