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Nestlé renovates its Consumer Centre in Lija

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Nestlé's Consumer Centre in Lija has been renovated with the intention to engage more with its Nestlé Collect Members and the local community. The Consumer Centre is the place where the Company is encouraging its customers and consumers to come and experience our brands.

"Thanks to this newest refurbishment, our team at the Consumer Care Centre can continue to offer a professional and peerless service, through active listening. This centre is Nestlé's specific intersection place with our clients. Thanks to this renewal, we aim to continue our physical interactions with our esteemed consumers and invite them to engage and partake in a Nestlé experience." said Marie-Clare Church, Consumer Centre & Digital Specialist at Nestlé Malta.

The purpose of Nestlé's Consumer Centre is to welcome customers who are keen in getting first-hand information and experience Nestlé brands. Nestlé considers the service and assistance being offered at this centre, to be the most effective means in understanding consumer needs, whilst building relationships with their clients.

The renovation of the Consumer Centre in Lija reaffirms the company's priority to enrich the significance of this building. It will also host events and informational sessions, to showcase exclusive brands being represented locally by Nestlé.

Nestlé's core aim is to enrich the quality of their consumer's lives every day, and thanks to this refurbished centre in Lija, the company wants to increase and facilitate customer interaction. Its sole commitment to customers is to provide the best and most efficient service whilst maintaining customer confidence in leading brands.