Confectionery range


POLO, most popularly known as ‘THE MINT WITH THE HOLE’ has the perfect balance of sweet and mint. Their distinct flavour comes from the high quality mint oil that is specially selected to give a smooth, clean and fresh flavour. Did you know? POLO mints are shaped under immense pressure – one that is roughly equivalent to two elephants jumping on it! Our POLO mints are available in three flavours: Original, Sugar Free and Sugar Free Extra Strong. Read More


KitKat has been enjoyed during breaks for over 75 years. Delighting consumers all over the world, KitKat is a favourite chocolate treat thanks to its light wafer texture and delicious chocolate taste, freshness and variety of formats. It is a perfect snack to enjoy as part of a balanced diet.


Launched in 1936, Milkybar, a smooth, creamy, white chocolate, is enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. The chocolate is naturally free from colours and preservatives and free from artificial flavours.

Smarties is one of Nestlé's oldest brands and have held a place in people's hearts and pockets for years. Originally introduced by Rowntree's in 1882 as "Chocolate Beans", they were re-branded in 1937 as Smarties. Smarties are not only fun to play with, but have also contained no artificial colours or flavours since 2006.

In Italy, Perugina is synonymous with the art of Italian confectionery and a guarantee of creativity, quality and innovation. Inspired by pure passion, in 1922, Perugina co-founder Luisa Spagnoli created the world famous Bacio. More than 90 years later, the Bacio tradition is unchanged: silky dark chocolate envelopes a heart of gianduia dotted with more chopped hazelnuts and gloriously crowned with a whole hazelnut. Each confection is hugged with a note that reflects sentiments of love, affection and friendship.

Quality Street has held a special place in the hearts of the public, around the world, since it was launched in 1936. Quality Street's rich heritage throughout the decades helps us to understand why it has endured as a favourite for over 75 years. A variety of formats are available to suit different occasions – traditional tins and jars for family sharing, cartons for thoughtful gifts, and self treats are introduced during key occasions.

Established in 1962, After Eight has long been renowned and loved for its delicious and distinctive thin chocolate mints. The perfect combination of luxurious mint fondant crafted with 100% natural peppermint oil, enrobed in rich dark chocolate, makes After Eight the chocolate mint. All After Eight products are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

The hundred-year-old Perugina® chocolate brand encompasses all the knowledge and experience of the art of Italian chocolate-making and is well known for creating only the highest quality confections. The “Xeni ta’Malta” Perugina® chocolate edition was exclusively created for the Maltese consumer. Nestlé Malta has collaborated with 10 local councils and 10 Maltese artists to produce a limited edition of high quality milk chocolates. Each bar showcases an artwork by a renowned Maltese artist which draws inspiration from 10 magnificent localities around Malta and Gozo.