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Why Ideal is ideal:

Evaporated milk is versatile and as an ingredient can:

  • Humidify and marinate
  • Cream and thicken sauces
  • Fluff and lighten (scrambled eggs, omelettes)
  • Smooth and tenderise (veggies, meat)
  • Bind (pastes and oils)
  • Balance (sweet, savoury, bitter, sour)
  • Round and reduce sharp taste such as curry
  • It adds a natural sweetness of milk
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Ideal Evaporated Milk

Explore the Ideal range

  • Ideal
    As the name says, this is evaporated milk, meaning that about 50% of water has been removed from milk, making it more concentrated. It can be used as fresh milk by diluting with an equal amount of water. Adds creaminess to soups, stews, or pasta dishes and gives it a "round" taste. Used undiluted, it can be used to replace cream to provide a less creamy taste. It is richer than milk, yet lighter than cream. Evaporated milk smoothes and balances fatty dishes such as stews. It helps to tenderize meat.
  • Ideal Light
    This is ideal for the health conscious. NESTLÉ IDEAL LOW FAT contains 53% less fat than regular Ideal milk, yet provides the same creamy taste and texture.

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