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Phunky Foods

The PhunkyFoods programme (PFP) is an independent curriculum–based programme providing healthy lifestyle lesson plans and resources for UK primary schools.

The aim is to provide a sustainable healthy lifestyles education to help prevent the year-on-year rise in childhood obesity levels, and to help schools support the Government’s National Obesity Strategy key targets.

PhunkyFoods is operated by nutrition consultancy Purely Nutrition Ltd and has been supported by Nestlé UK since 2007.

To date we have sponsored 82 schools in the localities surrounding our confectionery headquarters in York and our factory in Dalston.


In conjunction with sponsorship from additional industry consortium members and Nestlé the programme has reached 799 primary schools which equates to 212,500 children and their families.

In 2011, the programme was expanded in the area of Croydon to work with teachers and pupils to promote healthy lifestyles.