Phunky Foods - promoting healthy lifestyles

The PhunkyFoods programme (PFP) is an independent curriculum–based programme providing healthy lifestyle lesson plans and resources for UK primary schools.

Nestlé is the world's largest food and beverage manufacturer with a vision of becoming the world's leader in nutrition, health and wellness. With 140 years of food and nutrition research, we are committed to helping our consumers make healthy lifestyle choices. It is important that we help people make healthier choices - by constantly improving the nutritional content of our products, and by supporting improved education about healthy eating. Hence this partnership with the aim to provide a sustainable healthy lifestyles education to help prevent the year-on-year rise in childhood obesity levels, and to help schools support the Government’s National Obesity Strategy key targets.

Nestlé has supported PhunkyFoods since 2007. PhunkyFoods is operated by nutrition consultancy Purely Nutrition Ltd and has been supported by Nestlé UK since 2007.

To date we have sponsored 82 schools in the localities surrounding our confectionery headquarters in York and our factory in Dalston.

In conjunction with sponsorship from additional industry consortium members and Nestlé the programme has reached 799 primary schools which equates to 212,500 children and their families.

In 2011, the programme was expanded in the area of Croydon to work with teachers and pupils to promote healthy lifestyles.

Nestlé UK funds schools as part of our company’s global Healthy Kids initiative, which is designed to raise nutrition, health and wellness awareness of school-age children around the world. Nestlé runs Healthy Kids schemes in over 60 countries world-wide, working in partnership with NGOs, government and nutritionists to tackle health challenges such as obesity.

In the UK specifically:

  • Nestlé UK sponsor 341 primary schools to receive the PhunkyFoods Programme for free across the UK.
  • All 341 schools are based around Nestlé factory sites and are offered as part of their employee and community engagement programmes.
  • Nestlé UK also fund a PhunkyFoods EDC (engagement and development co-ordinator) post in each locality to support these schools.
  • Nestlé UK have funded independent scientific research, in partnership with Leeds Beckett University, to evaluate the impact of the PhunkyFoods Programme in schools.