Pink KitKat ‘Ruby Chocolate’ Arrives in Malta


The newly-discovered variety of vibrant naturally-pink chocolate, which has a unique fruity flavour, is on sale in the iconic four-finger Nestlé KitKat bars.

Chocolate lovers in Malta are now able to try a crispy four-finger KitKat bar made with pink ‘Ruby chocolate’, a new fourth type of chocolate that has been developed to join the other traditional varieties of milk, white, and dark chocolate.  Created in September last year, Ruby chocolate is made from a unique cocoa bean which naturally produces a vivid pink colour and an intense, smooth and berry-like taste.

The natural-pink chocolate that is produced from these long-standing ruby-coloured varieties of cocoa bean offers consumers a new chocolate taste experience, with a lusciously creamy yet richly-fruity flavour that is evocative of milk and white chocolate blended with raspberries, all without the use of any extra additives, flavours or colours. Made from newly discovered Ruby cocoa beans, the ruby coloured chocolate occurs naturally through unique processing. Ruby chocolate has a fresh berry fruitiness that will give your taste buds a tantalisingly intense sensorial experience!

As the first product on the global market to feature this distinctive pink chocolate, Nestlé unveiled KitKat Ruby in Japan, Korea and the UK earlier this year, where chocolate connoisseurs were quick to grab the opportunity to savour this new innovation in chocolate. 

The ruby chocolate version of the world-famous KitKat four-finger crispy wafer bars is now on shelves in Malta and Gozo, along with their more familiar milk, white and dark chocolate KitKat counterparts, in confectioners across the Maltese Islands.

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