Milo Returns: Nutritious Chocolate Drink Back in Malta



In the 1930s – a time when it was hard for families to put nutritious meals on the table and children were not taking in enough vitamins and minerals – a solution was needed. It came in the form of a unique recipe for a nutritious chocolate drink that catered for both adults and children alike: MILO. Created by the Australian chemist and inventor Thomas Mayne, the name was inspired by the strength of the Ancient Greek athlete Milo of Croton, renowned for his energy and stamina. Nestlé launched the product with pride – they un-derstood it contained essential minerals and vitamins; they hoped it would aid thousands of malnourished families and their children.

MILO: Commemorating-60-years-750-g

Fast-forward almost 100 years and good nutrition is still one of the hottest topics out there. Nestlé Malta has its community's interests at heart, and has brought this tasty and nutritious chocolate drink – the Nestlé MILO - back to the local market.
Nestlé MILO is made from four simple ingredients: milk powder, malt barely, sugar and cocoa. These ingredients provide essential nutrients such as vitamin A, which is needed for healthy eyesight, vitamins B1 and B2, to aid in releasing energy from foods, and Vitamin C, which keeps skin and gums in good shape. A key ingredient in Nestlé MILO is malt barley, which releases carbohydrates – a key component for anyone leading an active, healthy lifestyle. In today's fast-paced environments, where children and, in particular teens, are always on the go, it is vital to include carbohydrates as an in-tegral part of their diet so as to encourage muscle and brain development. Nestlé MILO’s energy releasing components also makes it great for the most important meal of the day – breakfast. In fact, it is an ideal accompaniment to any hearty breakfast, providing that morning boost everyone craves during those challenging early hours.

MILO: Healthy Breakfast to Start the Day>

So, if you’re planning your morning routine, consider Nestlé MILO for your family. It is easy to prepare, essential when time is not on your side; simply add hot or cold milk or water and your children will have a nutritious snack that can be consumed on the move.

Nestlé MILO can be found in powder form in a 400g tin at all leading supermarkets and local food shops.