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Nescafé Brews Up Special International Coffee Day Celebrations


For decades, Nescafé has been more than just a coffee brand in Malta; it is a cherished memory, a morning ritual, and a testament to the island's rich heritage. International Coffee Day is therefore an important date in Nescafé's calendar, celebrated with a series of events and activities for coffee-lovers.

Over the weekend, members of Nestlé Collect celebrated their love for both Nescafé and Nescafé Dolce Gusto, at the Nestlé Consumer Centre in Lija. Special guests Ira Losco and Karen Caligari also attended the event, adding a touch of warmth and familiarity to the occasion.


A display showcasing a variety of Nescafé products, complemented by information about the coffee and how it is made, as well as Nescafé's journey in Malta ensured that everyone left knowing a little bit more about what goes into their cup of coffee.

Several Nescafé products proudly display the Maltese mark, symbolizing the enduring affinity between the brand and the people of Malta. This emblem represents the longstanding relationship and mutual appreciation that Nescafé has nurtured with the island's community.

Adding to the community spirit, the event also welcomed the cyclists of the Lifecycle Challenge during their Sunday training session. Nescafé stood by the cyclists as they prepared for their journey through Thailand and Malaysia, reinforcing the strong partnership with the Lifecycle Foundation.


The Lifecycle Challenge is more than just a cycling event; it's a testament to human spirit, endurance, and the collective drive to make a tangible difference in the lives of those battling renal disease. Over the years, the bond between Nescafé and the Lifecycle Foundation has grown stronger, anchored in a shared vision and mutual respect.

It was a great weekend during which Nescafé and its journey in Malta was celebrated. With Nescafé, each sip is not just about taste; it's about reliving memories and forging new ones, one cup at a time.