Keep Your Easter Celebrations Going… With These Tips from Nestlé Malta

All Nestlé Easter eggs are 50% off, so you can spread more joy than ever this Easter.

There is no denying that the run up to Easter will feel different this year. The majority of religious events have been cancelled and other traditions – like a big celebratory meal with all of our loved ones – will have to be postponed until after the crisis is over.

But research shows that, in times of difficult, it is important to keep positive and to find ways of spreading and experiencing joy – just as it always is. And while it may seem tough to think about that at this moment, there are ways to enjoy the spirit of Easter as always, and even to share it with those who you can’t be with physically.

Like many fathers in Malta and around the world at the moment, Etienne Seychell, spokesperson for the Seasonal Confectionery Category at Nestlé Malta, is working from home. “Nestlé was very ahead of the curve when it came to making it possible for us to work from home at this time – in fact, the company is always as flexible as it can be, and we have long had the option to telework, which meant it wasn’t as challenging as it could have been to shift into this new mode,” he explains.

“Nestlé was extremely clear that it would do everything in its power to keep its team members safe. After all, the company’s entire purpose is to enhance life and contribute to a health future – for us, our suppliers, business partners and, of course, our consumers. With this in mind, everyone who can work from home has been doing so for the past few weeks, and very extensive measures have been put in place to protect those workers that are still in the warehouse or distributing products. It’s a team effort and everyone is doing their bit.”

In the run up to Easter, Etienne admits that it can seem sad not to look forward to the usual traditions of the seasons – including large get-togethers with loved ones to celebrate.

“However the important thing is to focus on the moment, and to even make the most of it,” he says. “I am certainly enjoying the fact I can spend more time with our two little boys right now. I am able to relax with them in the evenings, read, watch cartoons, and play hide-and-seek. They love that game, and it’s hilarious watching them play together. I am also happy to be able to take some pressure off my wife at times, as she is also working from home. It’s definitely brought us closer as a family. We’re missing time with our own parents and extended families, but technology is helping with that. There are definitely silver linings to be found at the moment.”

So with Etienne’s advice in mind, here are some other tips for how you and your loved ones can make the most of Easter:

  • Decorate your home and make it Easter themed. Freshening up your home always feels great, and it will certainly add a bit of fun over the next few weeks.
  • Make Easter-themed crafts. There is loads of inspiration online for things you can make, including multi-coloured eggs dyed using vegetable skins and food dye.
  • Plan an indoor egg hunt. Instead of taking your egg hunt outdoors this year, create an indoor treasure hunt by hiding mini chocolate eggs round the house. Don’t forget your Easter basket!
  • Have Easter lunch with loved ones all the same. If you would normally have a big celebratory lunch on the day, don’t rule it out completely. Ask everyone to make a big pot of one dish or item, and then safely exchange them the day before by dropping containers round to each other (contactless, of course!). You can then enjoy a lunch together on Zoom or Skype, just as you normally would.
  • Finally, share joy by giving yummy Easter gifts, like a Nestlé Easter egg. To help spread joy at this challenging time, Nestlé Malta has discounted all of its Easter eggs by 50%, so you’ll be able to give more to your loved ones. Just be sure to drop them off safely when you do!

All Nestlé Easter eggs are currently discounted by 50% at all leading retailers. This includes all Baci, Perugina, Kit Kat, Milkybar, Smarties, Aero, Yorkie, Lion Rolo, After Eight and Quality Street varieties.