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Tue, 10/20/2015 - 02:00

Nestlé bracam video appeals for regular check-ups to prevent breast cancer

Nestlé Malta Limited, through its Fitness brand, has launched a bracam video on digital and social channels to support the worldwide effort of raising awareness about the importance of regular check-ups to help prevent breast cancer.

The video shows a young lady roaming a few busy streets and shops across Malta. She was asked to wear a pink bra fitted with a hidden spy camera to capture people’s reactions when she walks by. An on-screen counter keeps record of the number of times that her breasts are “checked out” by passers-by.

The key message embedded in this social media campaign reinforces the need to remind everyone that the best way to prevent breast cancer is to check oneself regularly. Proper check-ups by competent medical practitioners are widely available from established clinics. One can also conduct monthly self check-ups to help in early detection. Self check-ups can be done at home, at any time and more frequently.

“We wanted to find a different way to engage with our audiences. We are posing a simple question: your breasts are regularly checked out by passers-by, so why not have your breasts checked out by medical practitioners for prevention or early detection of breast cancer? The answer could save lives. At Nestlé Fitness, we support the health and wellbeing of everyone. That’s why we've been proud supporters of the breast cancer awareness initiative for the past 6 years and we will not rest before this simple message reaches everyone” commented Melania Calleja Pellicano, Group Product Manager at Nestlé Malta Limited.

The video may be viewed on the Nestlé Fitness (MT) Facebook page by using #CheckYourselfMalta or on YouTube

Nestlé Fitness is also running a parallel social media campaign on Facebook designed exclusively to provide educational information on the prevention and early detection of breast cancer awareness.

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