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Have a break, have a bowl of KitKat Cereal!

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Nestlé Cereals Malta has recently launched the KitKat Cereal, a delicious new breakfast option which brings the taste of the popular chocolate bar straight to your cereal bowls.   

Created in partnership with the chocolate development team, the cereal maintains the essence of the much-loved original chocolate bar. The crispy cereal squares provide the delicious taste of chocolate and wafer, which is sure to delight loyal KitKat fans.    

The newest addition to the Nestlé Cereals' portfolio is made with a milk chocolate flavoured coating and is a source of five vitamins, calcium and iron. 

"We're delighted to announce the partnership between Nestlé Cereals and KitKat. This exciting new cereal delivers a delicious taste of KitKat and has been developed to cater to consumers who are looking for an occasional, indulgent breakfast option, that can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet," said Tim, the Cereals Product Manager at Nestlé Malta.

KitKat Cereal is available at major supermarkets and small shops from mid-April 2023.