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32 000 meals worth over €17 000 donated by Purina Malta to Lovin Milied

Lovin Milied
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Lovin Milied is currently capturing hearts and spreading joy, with its festive spirit in full swing as the countdown to Christmas continues.

This year marks the 7th edition of this heartwarming initiative, featuring six distinct types of boxes tailored to meet diverse needs. Notably, one special box is dedicated to our beloved furry friends, ensuring they too feel the warmth of this festive season.

In an admirable display of sustained commitment and increased generosity, the wonderful team at Purina Malta has once again stepped forward to support this cause. Remarkably, they have elevated their contribution, pledging over €17 000 in meals. This translates into a staggering 32 000 meals, a figure that not only reflects their immense generosity but also the scale of our delivery operation this year.

This significant donation by Purina Malta is more than just a number; it represents countless wagging tails and purring companions who will benefit directly from this act of kindness. The impact of these meals goes far beyond nourishment; it’s about bringing comfort and joy to our four-legged friends during a season that celebrates giving and compassion.

The NGOs benefiting from these Felix meals are:  Animal Care Malta, Kitty Guardians, CSAF, Tomasina, Animal Guardians, RAR, Mikel St. John


This generous act not only signifies a commitment to animal welfare but also sets a precedent for corporate responsibility in Malta and beyond.

This donation goes beyond mere financial assistance; it’s a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of compassion. It serves as a reminder that when businesses and communities come together, they can make significant strides towards making the world a better place for all its inhabitants, regardless of how small and furry they may be.

As Purina Malta embarks on this journey of kindness and generosity, it not only enriches the lives of countless felines but also inspires others to follow suit.

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