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Nestlé Food


Nestlé Food range in Malta

Maggi Food College believes in empowering caring cooks with the knowledge of cooking with ingredients that you know and love.
We make delicious and affordable recipes that are tasty and simple to cook. Together we cook the difference for ourselves and others around us. With a little bit of yourself and a little bit of Maggi!
With our diverse range of quality products, preparing great tasting recipes is at your fingertips. Come explore and be inspired!
Maggi all products.

Turning “good” food into “the best” with simply brilliant mayonnaise, mustard, dressings, sauces, oils, and spreads.

An undisputed leader in taste and convenience, the Thomy brand is also known as an innovator. It was the first brand to put mustard in a tube. Thomy cold sauces transform simple eating occasions into delectable moments. Launched in 1930, the Thomy brand was acquired by Nestlé in 1971 and is a trusted household name in Switzerland, Germany and now also in Malta!



Thomy sauces

It all started with a little dream in a small town. Almost 2 centuries after its birth, the Buitoni brand is present with a broad portfolio including delicious pizza and sauces.

The dream continues and with it our desire to create and reinvent ourselves to bring new types of products to the market to share with millions of consumers. With our recipes we try to satisfy every taste and well-being need: from gluten free to preparations with whole grains.


Buitoni Products

For further questions in relation to our range of Nestle Waters and San Pellegrino Beverages, please feel free to contact us here.